Decided to just post this. The unfinished 19th page of my comic Scion of the Veil, which was made when I still had the delusion I could continue despite my changing life after graduation. To be honest, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, it still really hurts me to look at this page and all of the work I did for this comic. It hurts because I was forced to let go of all that passion I had for the project, in order to focus on my future and career as an artist. I miss it.

But I still hope that one day I can revisit it, and continue or start it over in some way. Orexis still lingers in the back of my head, showing his cocky face, biding his time until he’s allowed out again. Thank you to all the people who supported and liked this comic when it was active, it made and still makes me really happy.

ahh i still go back and look at the pages sometimes, it’s really inspiring tbh

I’m happy this was posted ;o;;



I’m making it a public blog again in an attempt to kickstart my designing back on track. I’ll post some older stuff later today as well, if I find it!!

I do ask you not to reblog anything, but feel free to share the blog itself if you want to show others anything I’ve posted.

I can’t stop you obviously, but asking anyway!

I’ll be making my design blog public soon, but I’ll ask that you guys dont reblog from it

obviously I cannot control people, but I want to make it easier to see….